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Skyward Quick Tips
How to Re-Subscribe to Skyward Auto-Emails that you have Opted out of -


Reports, Codes and what to check [DOCX]

Withdrawal Codes
Mover/Leaver Form -
Confirmation Of Enrollment Form-
SSI PEIMS Coding Presentation
Entering SSI Coding for Fall PEIMS--2019-20
At-Risk Presentation- Includes Criteria and How Enter the Data 2021 (At-Risk)
At-Risk Quick Reference 2021 (At-Risk)
Steps for reviewing and updating At Risk - 2021 (At-Risk)
PEIMS At-Risk Indicator Coding Form-(Excel 2021) (At-Risk)
How to Manually Add At Risk Records (updated 2021) (At-Risk)
PEIMS At-Risk Report for EXCEL-(At-Risk)
How to Enter Coding for Homeless Students - (11/2019)
How to Enter Crisis Coding -
How To Print an At-Risk Detail Report-(At-Risk)
Information concerning Federal Ethnicity/Race-
How to Code Open Enrollment Students for PEIMS and Admin Tracking (09/2019)
Reading the Student Detail Report and Campus Summary Report
How To Enter Ethnicity/Race Form Data
How To Update/ADD Staff Responsibility Records for PEIMS
PE-Active Minutes Reporting-- Review and Update----10/2019
How To Generate a Pre-K Qualification Verification Report
Pre-K Qualification Documentation (2/2019)
Entering Military Connected Student Coding
Early Reader Code information and Directions --Elementary KG-2nd grade only (05/2019)
Entering the Military Enlistment Student Indicator
Entering the Special Education IEP Continuer Indicator for PEIMS (10/2019)
PEIMS GRADUATION INFORMATION for Submissions 1 and 3 (5/2019)
How to Enter Summer School Grades for Dual Credit/PEIMS Reporting
Section 504--Adding the Accommodation Notification Acknowledgement Form/Teacher Acknowledgement process (09/2019)

TREx-Texas Electronic Records Exchange
Gaining Access to TEAL & TREX from TEA -
Gaining Access to TSDS UID for Student Demographics and Enrollment Tracking- TEA -
How to create the Skyward Export-WEB
Working In TREx
Desktop Scanner Instructions for TREX-
How to Name The Attachment File for TREX-

Attendance:Attendance Reporting
2020-BISD Attendance Procedures and Documents 8/2019
2022 Attendance Log 7/2021
How To Mark Attendance By Class
How To Generate Official Daily Attendance Report-
How To Process Absence Notifications from Family Access-
How To Set Up the Unrecorded Attendance Auto-Email-
How To Access and Print Attendance History for a Student
How To Print Perfect Attendance Reports
How To Print an Unexcused or Excessive Absences Report -
How To Print the Record of Program Activity Report -- 6 wk task
How To Print the Attendance Verification Reports - 6 wk Task
How To Print the Student Detail and Campus Summary Reports-All Year (AKA: Daily Register and Contact Hours) Reports - 6 wk Task
How To Generate the Entry-Withdrawal Report -
How to access automatically generated attendance letters -
How to Generate Manual Attendance Letters -
How to Generate A Withdrawal List
How To Print Substitute Rosters (Attendance Worksheets)
How To Print The Unrecorded Attendance Report
How To Print A Staff AlphaKey List
How to Mark/Correct Attendance for an Individual Student
Attendance Procedure for Homebound and CEHI Students
How To Run the Chronic Absences Report--Determining Student Absence Percentages--Should only be used for Elementary (2/2018)
How To Run the Multi-Period Attendance for Special Populations Report (1/2019)
How to Print the Average Attendance By Teacher Report (11/2019)
How to Add a Doctor's Note Required Indicator
Membership Reporting Tool 2019
End of Year Withdrawal List
Absence Types and Reasons List

TEA: Student Attendance Accounting Handbook web page

Enrollment Verification
Steps for ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION- (1st and 4th 6 wks)rev.9/2021
How To Print the Attendance Worksheets for the ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION -1st&4th- (9/21)
Free Period Report- for the ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION- 1st&4th-Six Weeks -
Enrollment Report for the ENROLLMENT VERIFICATION- 1st&4th-Six Weeks - 8/2019-
ELEMENTARY Enrollment Verification spreadsheet-1st-Six Weeks-9/2021-
MIDDLE SCHOOL Enrollment Verification spreadsheet-1st-Six Weeks -9/2021--
HIGH SCHOOL Enrollment Verification spreadsheet- 1stSix Weeks - 9/2021--

How To Print the End of Year Student Detail Report and Campus Summary Reports - 4/2019
Preparing Files to move to other campuses
Spring Attendance Clerk Tranining Notes
End of Year Attn Clerk Checklist-(requires legal sized paper) - 4/2019
Saving Documents to the share server
End of Year Documentation Checklist-4/2019
Official Daily Attendance File Prep--
Residency Change Form- May
How to Retain A Student at the end of the Year
Step for Verifying Next Year School codes for Roll Over to New Year-4/2019

Discipline Training
Auditing Discipline and Attendance for PEIMS reporting 10/2019
Discipline Training: What to look for---
Discipline Training: What to look for--
Discipline Training: PEIMS--10/2019

Grading Report Resources
2022 Report Card Comments/Timeline--Always check for updates - 9/24/21
Printing a Report of the Grading Periods/Posting Windows
Mass Assigning the Advisor by a Class/Period
Tips for Prining District Report Cards
FAQ: For Prining District Report Cards
How To Generate MS or HS Interim Progress Reports (09/2019)
How To Generate Elementary Interim Progress Reports (09/2019)
Report Cards - How To Generate Secondary Report Cards for Terms 1-5 - Web-(09/2019)
Report Cards - How To Generate Elementary Report Cards for T1-T5 - web - (09/2019)
Reprinting Student IPRs and Report Cards from the Portfolio -
How to Generate END-OF-YEAR Report Cards - Elementary 2019 (5/24/2019)
How to Generate END-OF-YEAR Report Cards - Middle School 2019 (5/24/2019)
How to Generate END-OF-YEAR Report Cards - High School 2019 (5/24/2019)
How to Save a copy of the Report Card file to the Google Report Card Team Drive (5/24/2019)
How to Generate the Grade Input/Proof report to verify posted grades for IPRs and Report Cards -
Adding Students to An Activity - UIL Eligibility -
Generating & Printing UIL Report from PAC -
How to calculate MS Weighted Grade Average>
How to Code Classes Not in GPA
How to View Teachers Who Have Not Marked Their Classes Completed
Accepting Requested Grade Changes
Blank Grades Report -
Grade Differences Report
How to Print the Grading and Attendance Analysis Report using Gradebook Averages
How to Enter Summer School Grades for Dual Credit/PEIMS Reporting
How to Print Address Labels sorted By Advisor

Calculating Mid-Year Rank for Transcripts-High School 1/2018
Printing and Posting Mid-Year Transcripts for High School 1/2019
Calculating 5th Six Weeks Rank and GPA - 2019
Printing (and posting) Official Senior Transcripts - 5/2018
Printing (and posting) Yearly Final Transcripts for 9th thru 11th Grade - 5/2019
How To Print Student Transcripts - Middle School - 2018

Health Records

Current Scheduling
How To Generate Class Rosters - Update in process
Free Period Report -
How to Add/Edit/Delete Building Rooms - Update in process
How to Mass Assign-Update Room Numbers in Class Meet Records - 9/2018
How to Add/Edit/Delete A Section/Meeting Pattern to the Course Master - Update in process/a>
Generating Teacher Schedules -
Adding/Verifying Scheduling Groups for Elem - (8/2013)
Scheduling Students by Scheduling Group-WEB (Aug 2012)
ELEMENTARY - Steps for Current Year Scheduling - 2018
ELEMENTARY Scheduling-Before School Starts Instruction -
How To Update PEIMS Course & Section Information-
Changing Student Schedules at Mid-Term for High school and Middle School -
Add new Student Schedules at and after Mid-Term for Middle School/credit classes -
Changing Student Schedules After Mid-Term for Middle School -
How to Mass Assign the Advisor Field to a Teacher in a certain period of the day -
How To Update/ADD Staff Responsibility Records for PEIMS -9/2018

Future Scheduling
How to Mass Add Requests
How to Use Co-Requisites to Block ELA and Reading - 4/2019
How to Build Courses For Web Access - (1-2020)
How To Correct Grad Year Discrepancies
How To Delete, Edit, Inactivate Courses
How to Mass Add Course Requests (2/2018)
How to Enter Requests for A Student
How to Generate a Report for Students with No Requests - Middle School
How to Generate a Report Showing Student Requests by Course Number
Estimated Section Untility
Course/Class Count Report
How to Add/Edit/Delete Building Rooms
Running A Pseudo Run
Generating Teacher Schedules
Resolving Schedule Conflicts
Steps for Future Scheduling
Performing the Actual Schedule Run
Printing Student Schedules
Room Conflict Report
Too Many/Too Few/No Requests-HS
Creating a Conflict Matrix
Staff File - Edit/Inactivate/Add (Aug07)
How to Print Course Availability Lists for STudent Selection
Advanced Master Schedule Builder

Student Management
2019-20 Registration Forms Packet
Summer School Promotions,5th to 6th Grade Level Corrections (07/2018)
Summer School Promotions,8th to 9th Grade Level Corrections (07/2018)
How to No Show a Student 7/2018
Summer School Graduates
Generating Skyward STUDENT Access Letters by grade, advisor or individually (one page)
Skyward STUDENT Access Letter(one page)
Skyward STUDENT Access Letter(two pages)
Skyward Elementary STUDENT Access Letter(5th grade)
How to Code a student as Dyslexic for PEIMS Reporting - SMS 2.0-
Printing Labels in Skyward-Helpful Hints - 5/2018/a>
Student Permit Codes: Entering and Reporting -
Student Permit Codes: CODE LISTING
How to Indicate No Middle Name -
Parent Consent Notes for visitation restrictions -
Enrolling and Coding a PK Student -
How to separate PK 4 year olds and 3 year olds for reporting purposes (8/2019)
How to run an Online Registration Verification Status Report
How to Print a Report to be used for Demographic Distribution Indicators
Preparring student records after withdrawal for permanent storage

Family Access (WS/FA)
How to Run the Family Access Letters - SMS 2.0
Skyward Family Access Letter Blank for Individuals Only-fill out online and print-
Skyward Family Access Letter Blank for Individuals Only-
How to Accept Change Requests from Family Access/Online Registration-WEB
How to run an Online Registration Verification Status Report
Family Access FAQ

Summer School
Summer School Enrollment - HIGH School
Summer School Enrollment - MIDDLE School
Summer School Enrollment - Elementary School-LEP PK-KG

Professional Learning documents
Summer PEIMS Training
PEIMS At RiskSession
PEIMS Zoom Session
PEIMS Zoom Session
PEIMS Zoom Session
Data Mining - Basic handout
Data Mining - Advanced handout
Bells and Whistles handout (part 1)
Bells and Whistles handout (part 2)
Bells and Whistles handout (part 3)
Reporting Beyond Data Mining - Instructor manual
Reporting Beyond Data Mining - Grade Analysis by Other
Introduction To Web Student Management Suite handout
Training for New Attendance Clerks--Overview 8/2018
Training for New Attendance Clerks--Overview 8/2018