- Last Updated: 16 Jun 2014 -

Birdville's Microsoft Lync 2013
system is managed and maintained by
Mark Gibbs and Chris Jenkins



Lync 2013 is an enterprise grade instant messaging, presence and unified communications suite. Lync enabled users can keep track of their contacts availability, send an instant message (IM), start or join an audio or video conference. The Lync 2013 system is compatible with Windows desktop PCs. Mobile clients are available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. Key features include high definition video conferencing, mobile apps for all major devices, all new web app for meeting attendees that runs on Windows or Mac O/S via web browsers (no software to install), Skype Federation allowing Skype users to interact with Lync users and full integration into the Office 365 system, allowing high school staff to interact with their students on the district Office 365 platform.

Video : What is Microsoft Lync 2013 (Runtime 3:40)


  • Allows real-time communication with co-workers via instant messaging.
  • Allows real-time presence ( red yellow green) of co-workers.
             Shows status in Lync and in Outlook
  • Allows you to specify projects, workload or location updates to peers.
  • Allows HD video conferencing via webcam/microphone.
  • Allows sharing of desktop for presentations (supports multi-screen).
  • Allows sharing of only active programs running for presentations.
  • Allows sharing and presentation of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Allows interactive whiteboarding with standard pens and imaging support.
  • Allows interactive session polling for group questions.
  • Allows both co-worker and outside (non-Lync) users to attend web meetings and conferences via web interface.
  • Is available from within the district or from home.
  • Mobile clients available for all major platforms allowing updating of status and allowing instant messaging capabilities. Windows phone/tablet, IOS Apple phone/tablet and Android phone/tablet are all supported mobile clients.
  • Ability to save conversations to Outlook inbox subfolder 'Conversation History'.
  • Offline when an IM is sent to you? Lync will e-mail the message missed to you.
  • New in 2013 : Persistent Chat Rooms - where you can hold ongoing meeting discussions with friends or co-workers you choose.
  • New in 2013 : Full screen mode available in many areas of the system.
  • New in 2013 : Tabbed conversation window, all chats in one window with easy navigation between multiple conversations.
  • New in 2013 : Mobile -> Mobile audio and video conferences with no need for a computer to initiate the call. Mobile clients can also interact directly with desktop users from anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • New in 2013 : Gallery view allows viewing of multiple attendees all on the same screen, along with easy to use navigation and attendee control.
  • New in 2013 : Lync Web App - allows attendees to join your meetings without the need for additional client software to be installed. Users can join from inside the network or from outside and can use any modern web browser to attend, this includes most major browsers for Windows and Mac O/S.
  • New in 2013 : Skype Federation - allows Lync users to interact and communicate with users on Skype. Skype is now owned by Microsoft.
  • New in 2013 : Federation with Office 365 accounts & other Lync-enabled sites.
  • New in 2013 : Access to the WepApps server to allow advanced PowerPoint presentations and OneNote integration.
  • New in 2013 : Ability to share files by dropping and dragging.

Video : Lync 2013, Introduction To Key Features (Runtime 17:40)
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Microsoft Lync is currently available only to select departments within Birdville ISD, mainly for testing and training purposes. This project will be rolled district-wide once testing is completed.

LYNC 2013 FYI (Birdville ISD Specific):

  • Birdville ISD is currently not using the 'CALL' features in Lync 2013 as we do not have the Lync system integrated with the Cisco phone system. This is a feature we are looking at possibly adding in the near future. You can use Lync audio calls and video calls, however actually dialing a phone number from within Lync will not work.
  • You cannot add contacts from Lync Mobile apps at this time. You must add contacts from the desktop client.
  • The Lync system allows collaboration of co-workers and provides easy, quick access to many resources - however, it is NOT a replacement for the Grouplink system. Users are still expected to open tickets for problems that are not easily solved with quick/easy questions to support staff.
  • Mobile clients are available for download in the Google Play store, the iTunes store and the Windows store. These apps are free.


  • Lync 2013 resource center at Microsoft  [Visit Site]
  • List all current BISD enabled Lync accounts (BISD login required)   [Internal Link]

LYNC 2013 / OFFICE 2013 FAQ:

Q: How can I change my default corporate picture?

A: The default picture is the same as your BISD security picture used on your badge. You can change picture on your Lync account (Active Directory) by requesting a picture change via [Grouplink] ticket. You can attach a new picture to the GroupLink ticket or provide a link to a picture you wish to use. NOTE: pictures must be real and be of you, no avatars or generic pictures are allowed.

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